Robert S.

at Carnegie Mellon University


Class of 2023

Hometown: Rockville, MD

Major: Dietrich: International Relations and Politics

Minor: Dietrich: Hispanic Studies

My most memorable class is...

By far my Survey of Poetry class. I didn't know a thing about poetry or its history going into the class, and by the end, I was quoting Lewis Caroll!

A good place to eat on campus is...

The food truck outside the Cohon University Center! Great Israeli food!

My favorite CMU tradition is...

Painting the fence. A great way to get any kind of message out.

Something I like to do in Pittsburgh is...

Any museum about any topic. Especially those along Forbes avenue.

I'm passionate about...

Community Involvement Communications Local Government Performing Arts Arts policy

I'm involved with...

City Arts Commission Playground Theatre Festival Debate
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