Daria V.

at Carnegie Mellon University


Class of 2022

Hometown: Duncansville, PA

Major: Engineering: Civil

My favorite CMU tradition is...

painting The Fence. It was one my first memories with the Ballroom Dance Club and it really got me comfortable talking to upperclassmen. Hands down one of my favorite memories.

A good place to eat on campus is...

The Exchange. It took me way too long to know about this place. I went with a friend when we were grabbing a bite to eat before getting work done and now it's my favorite place to eat on campus.

Something I like to do in Pittsburgh is...

explore the food scene. Usually after practice, a group of us from the CMU Ballroom Dance Team will take the bus into Squirrel Hill and grab food together as a hang out and bonding event.

My most memorable class is...

the Psychology of Music. So glad I could take this class that is so different from my major. We talked about the neurological response to music and how music affects our everyday lives. I even got a brief research position from being in this class!

I'm passionate about...

Cooking/Baking Singing loudly in the car Reading a Good Book Dance Musicals

I'm involved with...

Ballroom Dancing Theater
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