Kelly Y.

at Carnegie Mellon University


Class of 2023

Hometown: Fullerton, CA

Major: Computer Science

Minor: Dietrich: Psychology

A good place to eat on campus is...

The Exchange. They switch up their meals every day, and the staff is so friendly!

My most memorable class is...

15-112 Fundamentals of Programming. This was a great introductory computer science course, and the professor was so engaging. At the end of the course everyone got to complete a final term project of our own design and the work students created in just a month was amazing to see!

Something I like to do in Pittsburgh is...

Go exploring with my friends. Since our CMU ID grants us free access to the bus system, my friends and I love going out on weekends and trying different activities like rock climbing, kayaking, or solving escape rooms!

My favorite CMU tradition is...

Carnival! Especially the booth and buggy aspects. It's a great time for the CMU students to have fun and show off their skills!

I'm passionate about...

LGBTQ+ Bullet Journaling Traveling Baking Knitting

I'm involved with...

PRISM Scotch'n'Soda
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