Lily L.

at Carnegie Mellon University


Class of 2024

Hometown: Katonah, NY

Major: Tepper: Business Administration

Concentration: Entrepreneurship

Minor: Dietrich: Societal & Human Impacts of Future Technologies

Something I like to do in Pittsburgh is...

either have picnics or go sledding at Schenley Park depending on the season.

My most memorable class is...

Business Science. Professor Routledge created this unique class required for all Tepper first-year students and it is so interesting and fun.

My favorite CMU tradition is...

the bagpipe players in Pipes and Drums that practice on The Cut during the day for all students to enjoy while walking to class or studying on the benches.

A good place to eat on campus is...

Schatz! Look out for Pho Fridays!!

I'm passionate about...

Start-ups Silicon Valley Intersection of business and technology Arts and Crafts Thai food Basketball

I'm involved with...

Greek Life (Professional/Business) Research: Business and Computer Science Women in Business Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Association
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